btfHi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Avery and bforbookslut (I can never agree or decide on how I want to stylise this!) is my passion project. I have been blogging about books for two years or so, sporadically and periodically. I started on Tumblr because that was a platform that I loved, adored and knew by heart but I recently just moved over to WordPress, streamlining a lot of the reviews that I want to be up on the blog.

bforbookslut started off as bookworminpearls. It started as a way for me to document the books that I was reading but along the way, more and more people told me that they really looked forward to my recommendations and reviews (at this point, I was sharing them to my personal Facebook in the hopes of getting traction)! That’s when I begin taking blogging more seriously but it was a quick passion to die; I had school work to focus on and I was starting my internship and work placements.

bforbookslut truly came about after I had done a short stint at a travel company as a PR and Marketing Junior Executive. It was a mentally and physically draining job that had me almost in tears; it sucked every ounce of my creativity and passion out. On Instagram, I had started noticing the bookstagram community and it just clicked!

Bookstagram was my way to try and find the creativity that I had lost, the one that had been sucked out of me. And boy, did it work! I was on fire! I was posting, arranging photos artistically and I was loving every second of engaging with the book community. But, the word limit on Instagram was not enough for me to write reviews the way I want to; lengthy and thought out! And so, I turned back to the one platform that got me started on this journey: blog.

I rebranded the Tumblr to match my Instagram handle, I began writing more and more reviews, going on blog tours and reading more books. But, it was beginning to become frustrating that Tumblr gets little to no traction for my reviews and there was no available comment section and the book community was more about the aesthetics than talking about it.

And here I am, on WordPress!

So, that’s my story on how I started bookstagramming and blogging. What’s yours?